HMS Pinafore (2014)

On Friday May 9th, Rockford Operetta Party presented the beloved Gilbert and Sullivan opera, "HMS Pinafore". This was one of our best productions, with a cast of 15, a stage director, a new attendance record, and a very supportive artistic community.


Sir Joseph Porter - Ryan Isensee

Captain Corcoran - Ronald Weber

Ralph Rackstraw - Daniel O'Dea

Dick Deadeye - Scott Farrell

Boatswain - Doug Olson

Carpenter - James Brechlin

Josephine - Celsey Weires

Hebe - Sara Lemen

Little Buttercup - Elizabeth O'Leary

Chorus: Jean Tucker-Lawton, Rebecca Hedlund, Gregory Gyllsdorff, Sue Lewis, Kurt Schoening, Marilyn Strong

Accompanist - Linda Smith

Conductor - Steve Lilja

Stage Director - George Harnish

Photography by Annie's Photos

Handkerchiefs made by Deenie's Embroidery

Sound recorded by SnapShot Music

Advertising by Community Bargain Source, Rockford College Radio, Rockford NightOut, and RAVCB.

This production was supported by the Rockford Area Arts Council, which draws support from the city of Rockford, the Illinois Arts Council and its members. Among other supporters were Steve Beard, Connie Youngs, Auburn High School, 23-WIFR,The Piano Doctor, The Finishing Touch, Bach Chamber Choir, Kit's Knits, and The Bicycle Hub.  

Listen to our podcast announcing our production here! The relevant segment begins at 36:08. 

Klehm Garden Fair

On Saturday June 7th, several members of the Party participated in Klehm Arbetorium's annual Garden Fair. Several selections from the Gilbert and Sullivan operas were performed and it included this cast:

Stephanie Quinn

Geneva Fowlks

Sue Lewis

Jean Tucker-Lawton

Elizabeth O'Leary

Scott Farrell

Doug Olson

Kurt Schoening

Songs of My Boy Jack 

On November 14, the Party presented a concert of selections from Great War musicals at Mendelssohn Hall. A few selections from the performance may be found on YouTube.


Ayo Carter

Scott Farrell

Ryan Isensee

Sara Lemen

Sue Lewis

Elizabeth O'Leary

Annie Ryan

Kurt Schoening

Mickey Swart

Ronald Weber

Accompanist - Gregory Gyllsdorff

Conductor - Steve Lilja

Music featured

"We've gathered here from far and near" from The Maid of the Mountains

"We bring ye fruits" from Chu Chin Chow

"All I want is somebody to love me" from Theodore & Co.

"Bohemia" from The Happy Day

"Robbers of the Woods" from Chu Chin Chow

"A Bachelor Gay" from The Maid of the Mountains

"An Old-Fashioned Wife" from Oh, Boy!

"Anytime's Kissing Time" from Chu Chin Chow

"Life's a Game" from Eileen

"Beware of Chu Chin Chow!" from The Bing Boys Are Here

"When I'm Looking At You" from Ziegfield Follies

"Mabubah" from Chu Chin Chow

"Assemble Here to Greet" from The Happy Day

"Have You News of My Boy Jack?" (Edward German)

"Goodbye Broadway, Hello France" from The Passing Show of 1917

Nativity Programme

Making this our busiest year ever, we concluded 2014 by presenting a Nativity programme on December 5th at Independence Village and The Church of Latter-Day Saints (Rockford). These performances included the following participants:

Ayo Carter, Scott Farrell, Gregory Gyllsdorff, Rebecca Hedlund, Ryan Isensee, Sara Lemen, Sue Lewis, and Ronald Weber. 

Our programme featured six songs with Christmas words.

"Won't it Be a Pretty Christmas?" from The Pirates of Pinafore

"Christmas Season Is the Reason" from Gilbert & Sullivan & Scrooge

"Three Oriental Kings Are We" from A Gilbert & Sullivan Nativity

"We Won't Eat Just Any Old Thing" from Gilbert & Sullivan & Scrooge

"A Most Miraculous Virgin Birth" from A Gilbert & Sullivan Nativity

"Care is All Fiddle-Dee-Dee" from The Miller and His Man

5 A Most Miraculous Virgin Birth - Edward Green.mp3

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