2013 Programmes

Our shows in 2013 featured new opportunities and new performers. The spring show was cancelled due to low enrollment, and our first performance was on June 1st at Rockford PrideFest. We prepared a 22-minute set of Gilbert and Sullivan selections for outdoor performance. This performance included the help of Elizabeth LaGrande O'Leary, Mickey Swart, Annie Ryan, Scott Farrell and Ron Weber. Sound was provided by All-Star Karaoke.


On November 2nd, we gave our second performance of the year in the "Edward German Revue" at the Starr Center in downtown Rockford. We sang selections from German's six operas, and two of his parlour songs. The performance was conducted by Steve Lilja, and accompanied by Linda Smith. Listen to mp3s from the performance by clicking here.

Participants in the Edward German Revue

Geneva Fowlks

Mickey Swart

Elizabeth LaGrande O'Leary

Vicki Marcum

Jim Brechlin

Ron Weber

Scott Farrell

Kurt Schoening

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