On March 30, 2012, the Rockford Operetta Party gave the

world premiere of this new opera by John Spartan and Scott

Farrell at the Mendelssohn Club in downtown Rockford. This

opera was written specifically for the talents of the company.

An enthusiastic audience welcomed the new opera, which

opened with this cast:


Lindarella - Jana Withers

Norman - Scott Farrell

Gwendolyn - Elizabeth O'Leary

Alexander - John Reese

Mabel - Audra Giachino

Horatio - Jordan Becker


Clarinet - Jenny Seidel

Piano - Scott Farrell

Conducted by Steve Lilja

 Listen to music from Lindarella's List by clicking here.

In the autumn of 2012, the company presented "A

Cornucopia of Gilbert and Sullivan", a recital of selections

from the beloved operas, on October 27, with this cast:


Stephanie Quinn

Judie Coots

Elizabeth O'Leary

Vicki Marcum

Scott Farrell

John Reese

James Brechlin

Kurt Schoening


Piano - Quinn Furness

Conducted by Steve Lilja

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