Cox and Box (2010)


Following the success of "Sunsets and Edelweiss" in March

2010, it was decided that the company should put on another

show as quickly as possible. The original intention was to put

on Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury," but a lack of 

available male talent for that opera forced us into plan B - the opera "Cox and Box" by F.C. Burnand and Arthur Sullivan. The company performed the opera with a showcase featuring the various musical talents of the group.

This programme was produced for a single performance on

November 5, 2010 at First Presbyterian Church of Winnebago. 

A critical review of the event was not published. As a result of

this production, we were invited to present "Cox and Box" at

the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Gettysburg




Mr Box - Giovanni Grimaudo

Mr Cox - Scott Farrell

Mrs Bouncer - Elizabeth LaGrande O'Leary

Voice Outside - Steve Schullanberger

Musical Director / Accompanist - Gregory Gyllsdorff


Other participants: Sue Lewis, Vicki Marcum, Rocky Chen,

Jana Withers, JeriAnne Hose-Ryan, Kurt Schoening 

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