2015 Shows

On Friday May 1st, the Party presented a concert titled 

"Gilbert and Sullivan and Pals". This programme featured 

selections from the Gilbert and Sullivan operas as well as 

selections from the works of their contemporaries.


Emi Chen

Scott Farrell

Rebecca Hedlund

Ryan Isensee

Sue Lewis

Elizabeth Magargal

Shane Magargal

Elizabeth LaGrande O'Leary

Mickey Swart

Ronald Weber

Accompanist: Gregory Gyllsdorff

Ushers: Sue Mehlert, Deanna Morgan, Faye Reed, Chuck 



A Gilbert and Sullivan Nativity

On December 4th, the Party presented this concert twice. It

was given first at Independence Village, then at the Latter-

Day Saints Church on University Drive as part of their annual

Nativity display programme. Hear MP3s of this performance

by clicking here.


Timothy Borden

Scott Farrell

Gregory Gyllsdorff

Elizabeth O'Leary

Kara Pivarski

Mickey Swart

Ronald Weber

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