One of the most unfortunate operas of the 1890s was this work by Andre Messager. It lasted for only 102 performances total before dropping out of the repertoire, and was revived only twice up till 1908. Rockford Operetta Party presented a concerted version of the opera on March 11 and 13 at First Presbyterian Church of Winnebago in 2011, thus securing the North American premiere.  Read the review of our first performance at www.thewritehag.com

See part of the performance on YouTube at http://youtu.be/CoYGjJ6Md2k

Listen to mp3s of the music by clicking here.


Gregory Lewis - Baron Van Den Berg

Tim Borden - Gerard

Jared Slothower - Picorin

Scott Farrell - Bobinet

Jordan Becker - Francal

Lorie Parker-Weinrich - Mirette

Erica Edquist - Bianca

Annie Ryan - Marquise

Jana Withers - Zerbinette

Jenn Polecastro - Bertuccia

Sue Lewis - A Servant

Gregory Gyllsdorff - piano

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