On November 1st of 2019, Rockford Operetta Party gave its last performance, a revival of Spartan & Farrell's opera, Lindarella's List. The production featured regular company members and a five-piece orchestra, conducted by Steve Lilja. This production was supported by the author and the estate of the late Mark Bedker, and featured this cast:

Lindarella - Jessica Tifft
Norman - Steven J. Wikstrom
Gwendolyn - Elizabeth O'Leary
Alexander - Michael Thompson
Mabel - Annie Ryan
Horatio - Scott Farrell

The Orchestra
Flute - Jacques Saint-Cyr
Clarinet - Andrew Brimm
Cornet - Anya Gavin
Piano - Linda Smith
Violin - Lauren Canitia Viel

Number Eighty Five.mp3

Lindarella Finale.mp3

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