Lenore Snyder as Hollee Beebee

The Nautch Girl (2004)

This production was the last by the Royal English Opera Company, which became the Rockford Operetta Party. It was selected early in 2004, and paired with selections from A Princess of Kensington by Edward German.  Royal English Opera performed these works in concert on August 7 and 8 2004, at First Presbyterian Church in Rockford.  A live recording of these performances was taken and released on December 1 2004. Clifton Coles had this to say about the recording:

"The excerpts chosen offer a variety... but the songs for the tenor and especially the soprano really shine. The two songs for the soprano, "One two three" and "Near thee once more" are exceptional pieces, and the artiste (one Madeline Herdeman) imbues them with extraordinary life, particularly the latter... Scott Farrell's Bumbo is spot on...The choral selections sound thin, but as I mentioned, the solo material shines...The production is hampered by a hesitant pianist, but the enthusiasm of the performers balances things out all right."

This recording is no longer available for sale, the master copies having disappeared, and the backup copy erased. However, we have an mp3 from the recording and you may listen to it by clicking here.

This production was featured in two magazines: The Gaiety Winter 2004 edition, and The Sinfonian Winter 2005 edition. 


Beebee - Madeline Herdeman

Indru - Robert Doonan

Punka - J.B. Gustafson

Bumbo - Scott Farrell

Chinna Loofa - Alexandrea Davis

Banyan - Marilyn Strong

Tiffin - Sue Lewis

A Pariah - Joseph Anderson

Piano - June Taylor

Conductor - Don Andre

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