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Patience (2006) 

After the closure of the Royal English Opera Company in 

2004, the company was revived under the name Rockford 

Operetta Party and the first production under the new name 

was the Gilbert & Sullivan opera Patience. We did not have 

enough voices to present a full production of the opera, so 

we performed an abridged version of the opera and concluded with selections from other Gilbert & Sullivan operas. 

The performance occurred on October 6th 2006 at Central Christian Church.


John Denison, baritone

Scott Farrell, baritone

Brandy Hribik, soprano

Elizabeth LaGrande, contralto

Sue Lewis, soprano

Linda Smith, piano

Becca Watson, mezzo-soprano

Selections performed 

A private buffoon

The sun whose rays

Alone and yet alive

Things are seldom what they seem

There is beauty in the bellow of the blast

The secret of my past success (from The Nautch Girl)

A tenor all singers above

Oh foolish fay

Hail, poetry

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