On this page we have listed a variety of mp3s from our programmes. Please be aware that not every show represented here has a CD which is available for purchase. A "Best of Rockford Operetta Party" CD is in the works.

 The Nautch Girl


Jane Annie 

The Time of Thistledown.mp3

What are the gifts.mp3

Madam do not think us rude.mp3


Sestet - If You Intend To Stay With Us.mp3

Quintette- Were All To Be Married Today.mp3

A Welsh Sunset

SDV_0648 - Overture.mp3

Come, my love, for I am crying.mp3

 The Mountaineers

Legend of the Edelweiss.mp3



But Yesterday in Convent Grey.mp3

Once a cavalier of Spain.mp3

The Long Longbow.mp3

Brava, Mirette.mp3

Lindarella's List

We Must Find the First Man.mp3

We're So Happy - Finale.mp3

 Edward German Revue

A German Prince.mp3

Four Jolly Sailormen.mp3

HMS Pinafore 

I'm Called Little Buttercup.mp3

For a British Tar is a Soaring Soul.mp3

Songs of My Boy Jack 

duet - theodore & co.mp3

When I'm Looking At You - Sara Lemen.mp3

Goodbye Broadway, Hello France.mp3

 A Gilbert and Sullivan Nativity

NAT Wont it be a pretty Christmas.mp3

NAT The Mall's Having Christmas Sales.mp3

NAT Three Oriental Kings.mp3

NAT Care Is All Fiddle dee dee.mp3

 Trial by Jury

All Hail, Great Judge.mp3

A Nice Dilemma.mp3

Oh Joy Unbounded.mp3

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